Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Patch pilot report [2014-03-12]

Hello all,

thanks to my fellow patch pilots the queue only had 37 items at the
start of my shift today. So for the first time ever I was actually
able to get "done" with the queue, there are now only 4 items left
which are not actionable (FFE, needs fixing, or not uploadable by me).

I didn't keep records of the cleanups, but those are the uploads:

all syncs
(#1289927): apply our remaining delta to Debian instead, upload bzr snapshot
blender (#1289899)
openldap (#1287730)
xfburn (#1282937) sync instead turn into proper patch, DEP3ify, forward to Debian, upload
xubuntu-artwork (#1290390)
light-locker-settings (#1291324)
(#1289503) needs fixing
mythes-sv (#1284701): still contradicting license information
p collided with another upload, needs fixing and patch origin info
opensc (#1176305)

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