Monday, 31 March 2014

Patch pilot report, 2014-03-31

Hey everyone,

Today I start my shift with 62 items, and ended with 30 remaining ones
in the queue (some need to be fixed, I kept them in the queue so it's
easier to notice if the contributors reply to the comments).

Thanks also to pitti who joined in reviewing/uploading some of the items ;-)

For those who like details, here are my notes
sponsored to trusty
SRU for saucy, checked that the fixes are in trusty, added SRU info to
the bug, sponsored the changes
SRU for precise, asked to update the change to match the revisited
version that went into trusty
was already uploaded, unsubscribed sponsors/changed status in launchpad
sponsoring requests for new packages "charmworldlib" and "amulet",
Daniel had review comments that hadn't been addressed yet, pinged about
the issue is fixed in trusty, looks like a valid SRU candidate, asked
for some extra details for that
SRU request, commented with some needfixing
asked for some details
hit an issue when trying to build the source, asked for details
the request is missing the tarball, asked for info
commited to the packaging vcs
reviewed new package
upstream backport fix, pinged doko about it to see if it can be included
in the next upload
sync request with a non trivial diff/changelog, asked for details on why
we need the update (it might need a ffe as well)
small tweak needed
needs a depends update
needs a small fix

Sebastien Bacher

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