Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Re: Error Tracker retracing armhf crashes

On Wed, 2014-03-26 at 16:15 -0700, Brian Murray wrote:
  Last week the Ubuntu Error tracker infrastructure, thanks to the hard  work of the Canonical Web Ops team (particularly David Ames), switched  from running on specific hardware systems to using Canonical's internal  cloud. An exciting benefit of this is that we now have retracers running  for the armhf architecture and are successfully retracing these crash  reports! They will be bucketed with existing crashes regarding other  architectures or new buckets will be created for the first one.  
This is very exciting, thanks for the work on it!

  Additionally, one can always search for bugs about a particular package  which may appear on phone images by specifying the package e.g.:  

Is there a way to search for all the bugs on a specific architecture? i.e. show me all the trusty bugs that are happening on ARM?