Friday, 21 March 2014

Re: [Ubuntu-phone] ANN: TRAINCON-0 - CITRAIN all stop starting Friday

Le 21/03/2014 21:15, Adam Conrad a écrit :
> This happens anyway, as people other than you are developing around
> you. You don't have control over the entire archive (and won't ever
> have it), so even if the snapshot in time that you tested at 17:40
> yesterday was just how you wanted it, something will change tomorrow.

Right, the CI train workflow tries to resolves that by letting that team
the ability to decide what they ack to go to proposed or not, that would
only work if everything was going through the same workflow though...
which is not the case (and I don't think everything should go through
that landing process either).

It feels like we need 3 steps:
1. somewhere where all uploads land (that's <current>-proposed today)
2. some more restrictive set where there that were flagged as valid in
1. would land
3. the image/update which is reaching users

We somewhat have that today though, if we consider e.g
1=trusty-proposed, 2=trusty, 3=promoted images built from trusty

So yeah, I agree with you, we should build up on our current
infrastructure, just maybe put more proposed block in place when we
think that's needed...

Sebastien Bacher

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