Friday, 21 March 2014

Re: [Ubuntu-phone] ANN: TRAINCON-0 - CITRAIN all stop starting Friday

On 21 March 2014 14:08, Alexander Sack <> wrote:
> On the front of data, we haven't seen much new. For instance we only
> know about a single case where this "all halt" event has negative
> impact; so please speak up if you are affected.

Similar to Colin, I am deeply and negatively impacted by "all halt" events.

Currently I am waiting on gallery-app click revision 931 or later to
be uploaded in the click store, be part of the proposed image and be
on the promoted image, before I can resume landing all the stacked
merge proposals converting autopilot tests to python 3 (on and off the
image packages).
See dashboard on:
This is holding up python2 stack removal off the image which will
shave off ~22.6MB of the base image. As it stands today, our default
system image is twice the size of an Android 4.4 /system, a metric
which we are judged by.
Similarly to remove cruft from our images and save disk space, i need
to land a few more package splits and dependency changes onto the

i686-android toolchain got accepted into the archive, and we have all
changes prepared to land android package to fully enable building x86
emulator images.

I also have an FFe approved changes to plymouth, which for:
* ubuntu desktop enable Hi-DPI support for our default images
* ubuntu cloud resolve console handling bug
* across the board - collect accurate and complete boot.log, by virtue
of starting event collection much earlier in the boot process
Plymouth (albeit nominally) is present on the touch images.

An "all halt" event, will block releasing all of above changes, which
in-turn affects and blocks R&D and commercial projects.



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