Thursday, 13 March 2014

Unreproducible test results, blocking python2 removal - Re: [Merge] lp:~xnox/gallery-app/fix-sample-dir into lp:gallery-app

I made a merge proposal to resolve compatibility in gallery_app with
next phablet-tools (which is needed to support transition to python3
and python2 supported branches).


A jenkins bot, points that .debs were built for this project and tests
executed on the device.

However, gallery_app is now a click and tests pass when it's build and
tested as a click.

I've fetched the two generated debs (gallery-app and
gallery-app-autopilot) pushed to my mako device, and executed the
tests using "phablet-test-run -v gallery_app" and all of them also

I now have questions:

1) is the ps-jenkins bot correct?
2) why is ps-jenkins testing the built .deb instead of
building/testing .click on mako?
3) why it appears to not use phablet-test-run?
4) how do i reproduce the ps-jenkins demonstrated failure, locally on
my device and resolve the problem?

Most importantly, can somebody else retest my proposed branch and
review/approve my merge proposal, at the moment it's on the critical
path blocking removal of python2 from the images.



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