Monday, 7 April 2014

Patch pilot report: 2014-04-07

Here's what I went through during my patch piloting day:

* bug 1012629
- Introduced regression for trusty, asked for new patch with regression
fix to be posted. In addition, others have noticed that the original
patch may not have fixed the issue, asking for verification.

* bug 743858
- /var/log/btmp is set to 0660 in precise/saucy/trusty. Replied to
Laney. Sponsored for precise and saucy.

* bug 1296755
- Will worry about SRU/backports once Trusty version has a few bugfixes
completed. Then SRU patches to Saucy and backport as necesssary.

* bug 1298220
- Checked with Laney why sponsors was still subscribed. He updated the
bug status and I unsubscribed sponsors.

* bug 1302484
- Reviewed since is a updated release. Confirmed that update is 'bugfix
only'. Sponsored for Trusty.

* bug 1101982
- Couldn't get sponsor-patch to accept the bzr branch. Fixed it up and
checked debdiff and sponsored that for Trusty.

* bug 1293876
- Did test build of patch (took a while...), and sponsored the bug fix
for Trusty.


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