Thursday, 10 April 2014

Patch pilot report [2014-04-10]

This was quite on-and-off piloting turn, but I'd like to hilight LMMS
needing someone to look at it so it's worth sending this e-mail
(Ubuntu Studio folks would like to have it in very much): - LMMS 1.0, fixed various
packaging issues, checked upstream sources (git+bzr), built in a PPA
and got (even more) test results from Ubuntu Studio team, seems ready
for upload... except for that there are still two new lintian errors
(ships now shlibs file while there are no actual shared libs, and uses
png for icon instead of xpm).
- Got an UIFe ack, built in a PPA, tested locally and got sponsored
- built in a PPA but then again it's a feature so I believe it'd need
FFe instead.


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