Sunday, 27 April 2014

Re: Odd ADT test results

Le 27/04/2014 10:07, Martin Pitt a écrit :
> Dimitri John Ledkov [2014-04-27 3:01 +0100]:
>> Imho, job should be marked unstable and auto-retried.
> Yes, indeed. The next-gen system will do that, but with our current
> one this isn't possible yet.
>> Since this is a source package missmatch -> how come britney sees both
>> src package and binaries already yet jenkins does not? Are the two not
>> operating against the same internal mirror?
> They are, they use http://ftpmaster.internal/ . But apparently this
> still isn't just one host, but a farm, and apparently they are just
> out of date sometimes.
> Also it's horribly slow, I guess the mirror network has a hard time
> keeping up after the trusty release?

It's actually a bug in autopkgtest in Utopic which only enables proposed
for the 1rst entry of /etc/apt/sources.list ie only adds

I filed bug 1313278

Jean-Baptiste Lallement
irc: jibel

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