Sunday, 27 April 2014

Re: Odd ADT test results

Hey Dimitri,

Dimitri John Ledkov [2014-04-27 3:01 +0100]:
> A few ADT tests are red in jenkins:
> * bedtools
> * epsilon
> * ipset
> What happens is that newest version is asked to be tested (e.g.
> 2.19.1-1 src+bin) yet jenkins sees an older version (e.g. 2.17.0-1
> src) which doesn't have any tests and thus marks the job as failed.

Ah, this was due to LP: #1313278. I fixed that in autopkgtest, looking
better now: bedtools has a "real" failure now (looks like a missing
dep), epsilon succeeded.

Thanks for pointing out!


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