Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Re: Upgrade iso image

2014-04-29 3:56 GMT+03:00 Phillip Susi <psusi@ubuntu.com>:
With the removal of the dvd iso, I feel a void has been left in the
upgrade process.  I understand the desire to avoid the burden of
testing the bootable install dvd image, but wouldn't it be nice to
replace it with an upgrade image that just contains packages you can
use for an upgrade?

I'm not sure about the details, but I did notice that there's a new option "upgrade Ubuntu" when booting from 14.04 LTS image on a machine that has 12.04 LTS. Maybe that function fills in the void?

Secondly, the new official image is already "DVD" image size wise, since it's around 1GB while the old DVD image was 1.6GB (checked 12.04 LTS). There is some size delta, but was it so that the old DVD image also duplicated content because there was both the live squashfs image and deb pool directory separately?

So it might be the new 1GB image works quite well for upgrades, at least to a similar extent that the old DVD image did.

There'd be more use for the "old old" (until 11.04) DVD images that were 4GB+, ie something that contains more packages, but the DVD image of late was quite close to the new "CD" image.