Thursday, 24 April 2014

Say hello to CI Train Bot!


as discussed on recent calls and at vUDS, some people prefer push notification than pooling on the CI Train spreadsheet. However, we wanted that to be opt-in.
Also, we want to be smart and directing relevant information (like the "in progress" status aren't useful to get some pings about it) to the right people (some actions are for the landers, other for the landing team).

Here come the CI Train boot! This is an IRC bot, running on #ubuntu-ci-choo-choo that will ping at the right time the right people about actions needed in various silos or requests. Just ensure that you set the existing "Landers" field with your irc nickname, as you did before. You can set multiple landers of course.
If you feel you want to hear the train[1] whistling just /join #ubuntu-ci-choo-choo on freenode!

In addition to get those notifications, you can get life information on any silo or pending requests privately or in the public channel with:
* inspect [siloname|line] -> get detailed information on a silo content/request or line number of the spreadsheet.
* status [siloname|line] -> get summary on a silo content/request or line number of the spreadsheet.
* where [component name] -> know in which silos and requests a component is
* who [lander name] -> know what silos/requests are assigned this lander

/msg CI-SNCF help
to get more information.

As usual, if you have any question/suggestion about it or how to use it, do not hesitate to ping me on IRC.