Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Trusty Final Image Testing

Just a gentle reminder that the final images for trusty are being
iterated upon this week, readying for release on Thursday. If you have
not yet done so, please consider contributing a test result (positive or
negative) to the tracker in support of the QA and release teams who are
tasked with determining the final shipping image.

How to help? Here's a link to the final milestone and images:

Using the download links under a testcase, download the iso of ubuntu or
your favorite flavor. Execute a testcase or two using the image. It will
walk you through installing or upgrading your machine. Keep on the
lookout for any issues you might find, however small, and report them.
If everything works great, report that too. Positive results help make
good decisions about an image being ready.

Testing an image is simpler than you might think. Checkout the guide and
other links at the top of the tracker for help. Here's an example

If you get stuck, feel free to ping me or someone else on the QA team.
There's plenty of ways to contact us!


Thanks for helping make ubuntu better! Here's to a wonderful trusty release.


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