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Re: and upgrade crashes


On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 03:21:36PM +0100, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> Oh dear. I've reported that as a bug. <>
> [...]
> Frequency is an absolute count. (Perhaps we should call it "Count"
> instead?)

thanks for filing the bug. I should have done that myself. My only lame excuse
for not doing that is, given the other behaviour I saw, I wasnt sure if I
possibly completely misinterpreted the thing. As for relabeling from frequency
to count, Id support that, its a lot less confusing.

> That's a shame. The database server is unreliable, but I don't
> remember a case where it failed *and* the Web site didn't communicate
> this with an error message.

I probably just see more of those as LibreOffice[1] is a huge package, thus I
trigger more demanding queries ...

> Sure. And if the Software Updater developers think otherwise, you
> should get in a room together until you agree on a solution. Don't
> just shrug and blame each other from a distance. :-)

Im not just shrugging, I have a few ideas on how to solve that (and a few other
things) -- but I dont think we should avoid building local workarounds, esp.
when we might reconsider the way we pack and deploy software in the next years
anyway ... ;)

Ill try to convey some of my lunatic ideas on the next sprint and check for
feedback and how much they survive the scrutiny of my fellow engineers.

> And specifically, we have no evidence that it's a problem for you.

Well, there is still the mystery on why this particular issue wasnt too high
ranked on 13.10, but is so on 14.04, with the bug unlikely having changed. No
need to get to deep into this for just one issue (maybe e.g. audience of LTSes
does use LibreOffice a lot more), but would be interesting if there are more
cases like that.

> On the contrary, it seems highly unlikely that anyone would write "crash
> while installing a font" in a bug report if the button they'd actually
> clicked was labelled "Start Upgrade".

The scenario I assumed would be more tricky: its not click "start Upgrade" ->
instant crash, rather click "start Upgrade" -> this dooms the running
LibreOffice instance, but doesnt crash it immediately -> LibreOffice crashes
way later on without any obvious trigger.

> If Launchpad's bug statuses weren't so messed up, we could do the last
> of these by highlighting those errors that were linked to a bug report
> in whichever status meant "reproducible".

Speaking of Launchpad bugs: I dont know of any way to search in for an Launchpad bug. I just checked the the Top 20
stacktraces happening on LibreOffice and all but 4 never happened on the
version currently in trusty-updates. I would love to close bugs not happening
anymore, esp. if they a/ happened regulary/statistically significant in earlier
versions b/ have no good reproduction scenario.

> Then the Daisy Pluckers is the team for you.
> <>

I have to trust you on that one, the team description isnt too enlightening. ;)



[1] Inofficial tagline: Based on technology breaking your toolchain since 1985.

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