Friday, 23 May 2014

Re: Point of reviews

2014-05-23 14:41 GMT+02:00 Scott Kitterman <>:
> If you look at this merge proposal, it was disapproved with a suggestion that
> it was premature. Despite that, it got released and into the archive anyway.
> So what's the point of review?

I'm not sure if you noticed the timeline, but it got released before
the reviews. Had I read negative reviews before I hit the publish
button in CI Train, I wouldn't have released it.

I didn't wait long with this trivial typo fix since I haven't been
expecting reviews (I noticed a change earlier this week when I was
preparing qtpim). I've largely worked alone on the Ubuntu side with
some awesome help from other developers working on Ubuntu Phone and
mitya57 regarding Qt 5 and the syncing with Debian.

Just let me know eg. on IRC if you want to start working on anything
related to Qt 5.3.0 packaging so that I can double-check everything I
have currently brewing is committed to some bzr branch. I first did a
"quick but ugly" PPA build
( and
I'm now slowly working on a tests enabled, symbols updated versions in
parallel. That will also need to be readjusted later at minimum to
sync with Debian.

The final Qt 5.3.0 landing should also be prepared by doing archive
quality uploads to a CI Train silo, so that it can be fully tested and
then published as a whole. As Ubuntu Phone is not just ramping up but
doing daily releases, it's important not to disturb this process. The
silos work neatly in this regard, since they also allow syncing
packages from Debian to the PPA from where the whole set of tested
components is then synced to archives.

> I'm starting to think Canonical's Qt5 stack should go in it's own namespace
> separate from the one used by Debian/Kubuntu as was discussed at the last
> vUDS. I don't sense much interest in collaboration.

The Qt5 was originally put to under ~kubuntu-packagers even though it
was only used by Ubuntu so that it could be worked on in co-operation
in the long term more easily. Co-operation has in my opinion worked
nicely with anyone who has been willing to contribute to the packaging
work. Obviously with Ubuntu as the almost sole user of Qt 5 so far it
has been largely people working on Ubuntu Phone, but that's changing


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