Thursday, 29 May 2014

Updating QtWebKit to 5.2

Hi all,

I would very much like to update qtwebkit-opensource-src to version
5.2.0. It blocks syncs of other packages, like pyqt5,
qtsensors-opensource-src and qtscript-opensource-src. It is also a
prerequisite for updating Qt itself to version 5.3 (as qttools now
depends on qtwebkit).

According to Timo in

> This looks it'd be great to have so I'm planning to build this for testing in addition to qtbase
> and qtdeclarative when U opens, but we need to check with webapps people (= dbarth,
> alex-abreu) on how they see this.
> I'm not clear on what's the schedule for full Oxide moving. In addition to touch also desktop
> is currently including libqt5webkit5 in default install still (checked with seeded-in-ubuntu
> qtwebkit-opensource-src).

Does anybody know when it will be possible to upload this?

I do not want to break Touch stuff, but I am already waiting for more
than a month and don't want to wait more.

Dmitry Shachnev

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