Monday, 16 June 2014

Qt 5.3 landing update June 16

The landing this week seems doable, let's do our best to fix the
remaining blockers. Many bugs are being pinpointed to specific root
problems, but we need to get rid of the remaining blockers.

- Calendar app AP failures are also on normal images -> qt5.3 tag removed
- telephony-service fix confirmed to fix all address book app
problems, even though it still needs to be properly landed (boiko)
- Qt Creator plugins have functional branches
- popey ran an automated startup of all store apps, taking screenshots
and grabbing crashes
- As mentioned, several bugs combined to be duplicates of the root problems

Todo blockers (all open bugs ):
- UITK toolbar empty (SDK team / t1mp) - Gallery, notes and dropping
letter AP failures are related to same root problem - ETA ?
- Land new Oxide (chrisccoulson, oSoMon) - required for truly
functional web browser with compositing enabled also on Qt 5.3 - ETA
this week, the sooner the better
- Qt Creator 3.1.1 Ubuntu plugins (zbenjamin, me) - small packaging
glitches - ETA tomorrow
- Swipe related UITK issues (SDK team / elopio) - Calculator,
messaging AP failures related to swipe have a common root problem, and
the specific swipe behavior changing. There's a related UITK fix being
released via landing-006 silo - ETA tomorrow
- Music app switch to mediascanner2 (Music app devs) - ...after
checking the new branch works as good as with Qt 5.2, since it's long
due and qtgrilo crashes on QT 5.3 - ETA this week, the sooner the
- Qt gles packages needed for emulator (rsalveti, me) -
packaging/dependency fixes to qtbase-gles - ETA ?
- Unity8 crashers (Unity 8 team) - memory corruption in Qt? This is
the most worrisome blocker at the moment.

Store apps testing:
Testing seems good so far with ~99% working with current knowledge.
All store apps have been started in an automated way by, with
screenshots and crashes grabbed. Additionally some manual testing is
being done all the time. The following six apps are known to have some
sort of problem with Qt 5.3, some of which may be related to us
missing the new Oxide (if webapp):


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