Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Re: Obsolete packages request for removal

On 26/06/14 04:32, Michael Webster wrote:
> I am one of the upstream maintainers of Cinnamon (desktop) and Nemo
> (file manager).
> There are currently two unofficial PPAs for Ubuntu users to get
> up-to-date versions of this software, but at one point in time there was
> a maintainer for these packages on Debian, and so they made their way
> into Ubuntu eventually. For whatever reasons, that maintainer abandoned
> the project, but unfortunately these very old, obsolete, and unsupported
> packages are still available in Ubuntu.

PPAs are not Ubuntu. If you wish for the packages to be removed from the
PPAs, you need to contact the owner of the PPA, and ask them.

I do note that cinnamon 1.7.4 is in Saucy and Utopic-proposed. Saucy
will EOL next month, so is likely not worth bothering about. Getting
cinnamon removed from Utopic requires filing a bug with justification
and subscribing ubuntu-archive.

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as meaning someone who's only ever written one device driver."
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