Monday, 16 June 2014

Re: Qt 5.3 landing update June 16

On Monday, June 16, 2014 17:28:32 Timo Jyrinki wrote:
> The landing this week seems doable, let's do our best to fix the
> remaining blockers. Many bugs are being pinpointed to specific root
> problems, but we need to get rid of the remaining blockers.
> Done:
> - Calendar app AP failures are also on normal images -> qt5.3 tag removed
> - telephony-service fix confirmed to fix all address book app
> problems, even though it still needs to be properly landed (boiko)
> - Qt Creator plugins have functional branches
> - popey ran an automated startup of all store apps, taking screenshots
> and grabbing crashes
> - As mentioned, several bugs combined to be duplicates of the root problems
> Todo blockers (all open bugs ):
> - UITK toolbar empty (SDK team / t1mp) - Gallery, notes and dropping
> letter AP failures are related to same root problem - ETA ?
> - Land new Oxide (chrisccoulson, oSoMon) - required for truly
> functional web browser with compositing enabled also on Qt 5.3 - ETA
> this week, the sooner the better
> - Qt Creator 3.1.1 Ubuntu plugins (zbenjamin, me) - small packaging
> glitches - ETA tomorrow
> - Swipe related UITK issues (SDK team / elopio) - Calculator,
> messaging AP failures related to swipe have a common root problem, and
> the specific swipe behavior changing. There's a related UITK fix being
> released via landing-006 silo - ETA tomorrow
> - Music app switch to mediascanner2 (Music app devs) - ...after
> checking the new branch works as good as with Qt 5.2, since it's long
> due and qtgrilo crashes on QT 5.3 - ETA this week, the sooner the
> better
> - Qt gles packages needed for emulator (rsalveti, me) -
> packaging/dependency fixes to qtbase-gles - ETA ?
> - Unity8 crashers (Unity 8 team) - memory corruption in Qt? This is
> the most worrisome blocker at the moment.
> Store apps testing:
> Testing seems good so far with ~99% working with current knowledge.
> All store apps have been started in an automated way by, with
> screenshots and crashes grabbed. Additionally some manual testing is
> being done all the time. The following six apps are known to have some
> sort of problem with Qt 5.3, some of which may be related to us
> missing the new Oxide (if webapp):
> com.popey.nationalrail
> com.ubuntu.developer.ken-vandine.pathwind_pathwind
> com.ubuntu.developer.mzanetti.tagger_ubuntu-sso
> com.ubuntu.developer.agdpsoftware.inkbunnyapp_inkbunnyapp_0.5.6
> com.ubuntu.developer.rick-rickspencer3.franglish_Franglish_0.4
> com.ubuntu.developer.gcollura.saucybacon_saucybacon_1.0.15

Let's please land it Wednesday at the latest then. It will take some time to
build and shake out. I think we're better off to push on and sort things out
than land at the end of the week and then have people vanish.

Scott K

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