Monday, 16 June 2014

Re: upower 0.99

On 16/06/14 18:49, Jackson Doak wrote:
> Upower 0.99 is now required by gnome 3.12. As a result, we are trying to have the transition completed this cycle. The new release changes the
> SONAME, changed from the "changed" signal to "notify" as well as the function signature, and drops suspend support (which systemd now
> handles). This means nearly all packages that use upower will need changes.
> A number of upstreams already have fixes (gnome, xfce, mate, cairo-dock, and telepathy) but a few packages need work. If anyone involved with
> sugar or kde could let me know the status, that would be great.
Just to add here, as far as canonical components go, powerd, indicator-power and python-dbusmock need porting.
> The bug report is at .
> wmbattery will need removal, as it is orphaned and broken with new linux anyway
> Jackson

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