Monday, 16 June 2014

Re: upower 0.99

Ted Gould [2014-06-16 8:10 -0500]:
> Considering we haven't migrated to systemd yet, it would seem that would
> leave us without suspend support. Is there a plan to distro patch that
> back into upower? Can the suspend be used via one of the shims?

Jackson/Tim are really talking about logind here, which we've been
(exclusively) using since Saucy. systemd-shim has made the suspend
etc. functionality work with upstart. So none of this is new, and yes,
we indeed want projects to move away from upower for suspend stuff, as
logind's is much more reliable in terms of hooking into the
suspend/resume cycle (screen savers, NM, etc. -- they can now
synchronously block the operation instead of hoping to be "fast


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