Monday, 23 June 2014

Re: What's the right way to get "qmlscene" to work out of the box?

I have a patch for this but it was not accepted upstream:

Can you use absolute path to qmlscene? Or, better, to qml (which is a successor to qmlscene)?

Dmitry Shachnev

Am 23.06.2014 18:23 schrieb "Sebastien Bacher" <>:

Not sure if that has been discussed before, but current "qmlscene"
doesn't work on our default installation.

Just as an example; taking a trusty iso, enabling universe and
installing ubuntu-ui-toolkit-examples leads to a non working gallery
desktop entry ... the command is a qmlscene one, and running "qmlscene"
returns an error about "/usr/lib/<...>/qt4/qmlscene" not existing. It's
not because that binary is using qt5.

That issue also leads to click packages to fail to run on the
unity8-desktop iso, and I'm trying to see what's the right way to
resolve it...

I've discussed the topic a bit on IRC and the advices/replies include:
- qmlscene is a dev tools and shouldn't be used by those applications
- you should change the environment/export a variable to make qt5 the
default (seems to be what ubuntu-touch does)
- install qt5-default ... but that would bring some extra 50MB on the iso

We could make unity8-desktop-session export the environment variable
needed to have qt5 default, but that's a workaround and would mean those
are still buggy.

Is there any reason qtchooser doesn't check for available versions, and
always prefer an installed one to the default if that one is not
available? It feels like that would be the right way to handle the
issue, but I might be overlooking something...

One issue I can see, is that it would not resolve the case where qt4
binaries are installed but the application is a qt5 ... maybe it's a bug
in the packaging of those applications and they should reference the qt5
binary rather than qtchooser un-versionned command?


Sebastien Bacher

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