Friday, 25 July 2014

Re: Libav transition in utopic

[Fixed the subject.]

On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 08:31:26AM -0400, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> I wonder what's the current status on the Libav10 transition:
> It appears to be stuck for some reason. Can we please push it through
> and manage the fallout afterwards?

As others have said, it's stuck on librevenge, and I also need to tweak
the ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-desktop-next metapackages once
finishes landing properly.

I'm absolutely not going to "push it through". I've already removed the
things that aren't reasonably fixable; at this point there's a very
small number of things left to fix, and I'm going to do it properly.
But we're close.

The reason that the transition tracker isn't very helpful here is that
the libav transition has taken so long (and, I have to say, not been
very well managed to start with) that it's got intertwined with several
other pending transitions; it's by far the most complex transition this
cycle in those terms.
provides a somewhat clearer picture if you're used to reading it; search
for the first "Trying easy from autohinter" block that mentions libav,
and you see:

* i386: calligra, krita, kritagemini, kritasketch, kubuntu-full, ubuntu-desktop-next, ubuntu-touch
* amd64: krita, kritagemini, kritasketch, kubuntu-full, ubuntu-desktop-next, ubuntu-touch
* armhf: krita, kubuntu-full, ubuntu-desktop-next, ubuntu-touch
* powerpc: krita, kubuntu-full
* ppc64el: krita

Those indicate the packages broken by the set of packages that
proposed-migration is trying to migrate at that point. krita et al are
blocked on librevenge but should clear soon; and I'm taking care of
ubuntu-desktop-next and ubuntu-touch.

Colin Watson []

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