Wednesday, 23 July 2014

SLP (Service Location Protocol)


I want to make use of SLP to discover printers in the network and
especially to discover their capabilities. Unfortunately documentation
on the internet is sparse.

I want to let cups-browsed do this automatically, so that I can set up
driver-less print queues for printers with known languages (PDF,
PostScript, PCL, ...) but without polling the printer directly to not
wake up the printer from power save mode.

What I would like to know is:

1. How do I scan the network for SLP services without knowing service
names and types and without knowing which hosts in the network provide
services or are SLP directory agents?

2. In a typical SoHo network, are there SLP services or directory
agents? Are the usual SoHo routers directory agents? Or do we need to
make it part of the Ubuntu standard installation to run an SLP server
daemon to be able to make use of SLP?

3. How can I test my environment with command line tools?

I am very grateful for any help towards this.


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