Wednesday, 6 August 2014

FYI: systemd in cloud-images

Just wanted to let people know that thanks to Dimitri's help, we now
have systemd in the cloud images. It is inert by default, but we've set
up a way that you can launch an instance to boot with systemd. By feeding
the instance some user-data, cloud-init will boot up to its early stages,
see the specified user-data and then set systemd up and reboot into it.

Specify user-data as you would elsehwere (cloud-localds, user-data to
cloud provider or 'lxc-create -t ubuntu -- --userdata'). The following
should do the trick:

target: systemd
reboot: true

# 'target' can be 'systemd' or 'upstart'. Best effort is made, but its
# possible this system will break, and probably won't interact well with any
# other mechanism you've used to switch the init system.
# 'reboot': [default=true].
# true: reboot if a change was made.
# false: do not reboot.

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