Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Outstanding systemd jobs

I'm going to advertise lp:~upstart-devel/upstart/upstart-jobs again,
which is a branch that stores the result of scanning all init.d
scripts, upstart jobs and systemd units in ubuntu devel and debian

I've also now run a simple (dumb) script to generate a list of upstart
jobs which do not have neither systemd units nor initscripts. There
are a lot of false possitives (things that have been converted under
different names or things that are not needed), but the goal is to
find things that are outstanding before we can switch to systemd.

Please add systemd jobs, or sysv initscripts, to outlined upstart jobs.

I've started to categories the list: roughly half is Cloud things
(ceilometer, ceph, cinder, glance, maas, neutron, nova, keystone,
swift, etc. many have a lot of jobs), a few system ubuntu touch things
and the rest has not yet been inspected to see if conversion is needed
or not. I'll try to look and check if there are low-hanging fruit to
enable more of these things.