Thursday, 28 August 2014

Re: ANN: autopkgtests now can access general internet through proxy

Le 28/08/2014 10:06, Martin Pitt a écrit :
> Hello all,
> until today autopkgtests could only access * and
> *, attempts to access other internet sites hung. As we
> need it for some tests (like the new ubuntu-developer-tools-center), I
> now enabled proxy access. I. e. the test VMs have $http_proxy,
> $https_proxy, and $no_proxy set correctly now, so that e. g. gem2deb [1]
> now succeeds.
> It's possible though that some libraries/packages are buggy wrt.
> handling proxies. So if you receive a "Jenkins Failed" mail for a
> package of your's and there hasn't been an obvious change, this proxy
> change might cause it.
> As usual I'm reviewing all autopkgtest failures anyway and deal with
> those which are due to the infrastructure, but I wanted to give an
> advance warning to avoid wasting debugging time.

Thanks a lot Martin for this awesome news and all your help!


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