Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Re: Libav11 for Utopic

On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 10:57:37PM -0400, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 7:24 PM, Colin Watson <> wrote:
> > Are you personally going to deal with all of the rebuilds this time, or
> > make sure that they're all coordinated? It kind of ended up devolving
> > to other people who didn't really know libav to sort it out with the
> > libav10 transition, and it held other things up for a long time, so I'd
> > like to avoid a repeat of that mess.
> I'm totally sorry for the mess the last transition created. I have to
> admit that I no longer have the same amount of time available as I
> used to have as student, and my new job here in the US doesn't help in
> that respect either. I was also surprised by the amount of packages in
> the Ubuntu archive that are/were basically abandoned upstream and have
> been removed from debian/testing for that reason. I'm convinced that
> if we had removed them with a similar aggressiveness from ubuntu, then
> the Libav transition could have been finished in two weeks just like
> in Debian.

We do follow removals from Debian where it's possible. The problems are
that sometimes following the removals would break other things (we don't
normally remove packages that return non-empty results from
reverse-depends or seeded-in-ubuntu), and that a number of the relevant
packages were never in Debian to start with - we're still suffering from
the ill-conceived import of way back in 2005 or

I think that good things for somebody to do would be:

* Refactor process-removals in lp:ubuntu-archive-tools so that it can
produce an HTML report of blockages rather than simply acting in
interactive mode (which basically means that only a handful of
archive admins ever see its output)
* Figure out the list of multimedia-related packages in Ubuntu that
were never in Debian, and either get them into Debian or consider
whether they can have removal bugs filed for them in Ubuntu
* Go through the list of removal blockages that are associated with
images, and coordinate with (especially) the Ubuntu Studio team to
update their seeds

> > (Also note that I'm trying to get Perl 5.20 landed as well, not least
> > because it adds multiarch support, although I'm staging that in a PPA so
> > hopefully I can manage to keep it reasonably separated.)
> That's btw the reason why the transition hasn't started yet in Debian:
> Do we want to do Libav11 before, or after Perl like in Debian?

All other things being equal it's probably helpful to do them in the
same order. I've already done about 20% of the required rebuilds for
Perl and should be able to blast through the rest today (especially now
that all the powerpc builders are fast, yay), so I think I can be out of
your way in time.

Colin Watson []

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