Thursday, 25 September 2014

Patch pilot report: 2014-09-25

94 items at start, 68 when done, though I think others must have been
working through the queue at the same time since that definitely wasn't
all me.

That's most of what was in the red for unseeded packages looked at. I
skipped the GL/GLES armhf stuff since I'm not familiar enough and cannot
test. Could someone more familiar with this take care of these, please?

I can't close the MPs. Can somebody do that, please?
doesn't appear to meet SRU criteria; asked for information.
marked as duplicate of bug 1229713 that was also in the sponsorship
uploaded. too
late now, commented and unsubscribed sponsors. needs to
go upstream first; commented.
nothing to do; MP can be closed. reviewed but I can't upload emacs24.
It appeared as emacs23 in the queue, but there's no debdiff for that
one. Left a comment for a future sponsor.
not suitable for uploading due to feature freeze. Commented.