Wednesday, 12 November 2014

ISO with l10n preloaded + UEFI


Some LoCo try to provide an ubuntu iso with the language of their region
preloaded (live-session, already downloaded package,...).

But since a while, this mission is hetting hard (UEFI, lack of testing
machine, lack of techical people,...)

In the goal to find a solution to this issue, I have proposed a meeting at
the UOS-1411. If you think you can provide a technical help on this talk,
or if you lead process of the official ISO (what if official iso can
proprose those l10n downloads if/while LoCo can't do it?)


I have to say I am not the skilled guys from my LoCo (ubuntu-fr), so I
won't be able to awnser you hard questions, but don't worry, I have
forwarded this meeting invitation to those guys who know more about this. I
hope we will find together a path to solve this.


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