Friday, 21 November 2014

Patch pilot report


Today I did patch pilot shift, I started with 78 items in the queue and
got down to 49

notes about what I did
correctly wrapped changelog, added bug reference, uploaded
merged and uploaded
Ɓukasz reviewed that one before and added needs fixing items, changing
to wip until it's updated
was already uploaded, unsubcribed sponsors
review, asked some questions
the issue is fixed in Debian, synced the update, the changes can still
be useful but should go to Debian, asked Chad to send them to the BTS
that was uploaded, setting as merged
commented asking for some change
unsubscribed sponsors, it has a needsfixing comment from a previous
review and is waiting on that
the new package is in utopic, closing
the bug is fixed since utopic, closing
is targetting the wrong serie, asked to rebase/submit again on the right vcs
waiting on new GTK and already being handled, unsubscribing sponsors
commented with some nitpicks and questions
similar fix got synced from Debian, closing
added a changelog entry and uploaded
xubuntu patch for a small feature that has not been reviewed upstream
yet, commented but letting the xubuntu team decide how they want to
handle this one
sponsored new libreoffice
commited to vcs

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