Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Re: Double brightness events

Hi Jackson and others,

I have seen many variations of this bug being posted in Launchpad,
regarding different laptops.

But here's one quite coherent one:

Some other occurrances of the same problem:

Then there is an AskUbuntu thread which lists the typical workarounds:

Best regards,
Joonas Saarinen

On 2014-11-24 23:56, Jackson Doak wrote:
> Has a launchpad bug been created for this?
> On Thursday, November 13, 2014, Joonas Saarinen <jza@saunalahti.fi
> <mailto:jza@saunalahti.fi>> wrote:
> Hi,
> For years, Ubuntu has had this bug where a lot of laptops react to
> brightness adjustment in steps of 2 (or even 3). I believe this is
> not by design (correct me if wrong).
> It seems that the brightness keypress is handled in multiple places.
> Possibly the OS does the adjustment, but does not consume the event
> and then BIOS does another adjustment.
> Some machines can be fixed with this trick:
> # echo N > /sys/module/video/parameters/__brightness_switch_enabled
> Are there plans to fix this bug? It's quite obvious one and
> immediately strikes you when you install and start using Ubuntu on a
> laptop.
> Some affected laptops: Dell E4300, Asus F200CA, HP 6910p, Fujitsu
> E751...
> Joonas Saarinen
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