Monday, 22 December 2014

Re: Wondering about the future of Mono on Ubuntu

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> Hello Everyone,
> I'm a software engineer, long time Ubuntu/Xubuntu user, and brand
> new member of this list. I've also long been a fan of the C#
> language and the Mono project as a whole.
> I know that, for a while, Ubuntu either included or seriously
> considered including Mono as part of the default installation. But
> then,suddenly, Mono seems to have fell out of favor and, as I
> undertand it, Mono is pretty much dead on Ubuntu.

Mono was included in the default Ubuntu install, as a dependency for
various applications - over time, gBrainy, Banshee, F-Spot, and Tomboy.

Those applications are no longer included by default, for various
reasons, so Mono is no longer part of the default install.

> If this is true, are there any plans to bring it back into the
> official installation since the MS announcements? If so, is there a
> timeline as to when that might happen? Is the Mono Team on
> Launchpad the place to be for Mono related work? I see they haven't
> updated anything in about 4 years so I thought I'd ask.

No, that's never been a primary location for any development of Mono
in Ubuntu.

Mono in Ubuntu is a strict superset of Mono in Debian. Very little
Ubuntu-only work is done, as it's a total waste of time - by doing it
in Debian, it reaches more people (including the same people as doing
it in Ubuntu).

The Debian Mono team is where changes relevant to Mono in Ubuntu
happen. This is mostly an IRC-based team, #debian-cli on OFTC.

In addition, I work full-time on Linux-related things for Xamarin,
including up-to-date packages for Mono and MonoDevelop which are
tested on Ubuntu.

> I'm really interested in working on anything I can related to Mono
> on Ubuntu but am kind of looking for where I need to go just to
> get started. The landscape seems pretty barren and cold...

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