Sunday, 7 December 2014

ubuntu-defaults-builder and localization

Greetings. As per a commitment made at UOS-1411, I write on behalf of LoCo Council.[1]

Multiple community teams have been making efforts to localize installation images. It seems the safest way to do that would be to use ubuntu-defaults-builder to base off the images that are already receiving QA work. Some teams apparently have their own hacks to do similar things and LoCo Council will be attempting to try to survey such during this cycle. Thanks go to Timo Jyrinki for highlighting the scripts used by the Finnish community team to make their.[2] To the best of my understanding, ubuntu-defaults-builder is a specialized wrapper for the Debian Live tools.[3]

Three issues/questions arose during discussion at UOS-1411 to be put forward.

1. How does ubuntu-defaults-builder handle producing ISO images that are appropriately signed for use in 64-bit UEFI situations?
2. What sorts of additional documentation would be necessary to create to improve the ease of use of this tool? Localization is something we want to encourage but we want to ensure it is done in a safe, appropriate manner that does not break images.
3. If/when LoCo Council concludes its survey of the various hacks used by community teams, who could we best coordinate with to evaluate the various approaches and consider them for possible integration if and only if deemed suitable?

Thank you for your patience and forebearance.

Stephen Michael Kellat
Member, LoCo Council

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