Friday, 20 February 2015

Re: Help with debdiff generation of soundconverter package

Thank you Javier, still more professional than my tries :-)
I will check the meaning of your commands since I'd like to learn something more about this, and try to redo your steps.
I'll also try your debdiff

Also thank you Robert for your suggestions, I'll check your steps too

2015-02-20 10:38 GMT+01:00 Javier Lopez <>:
Hi Michele,

Even when I'm not an Ubuntu developer just a enthusiastic user, I gave
it a shot and created a basic debdiff, it may be used as base to
create a formal one. This is how I did it:

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-dev-tools git quilt fakeroot debhelper
$ git clone
$ cd soundconverter && git checkout origin/2.0
$ #it seems like the patches you're interested are the last 3 commits
$ git format-patch HEAD~3
$ cd ../ && mkdir ubuntu
$ cd ubuntu && pull-lp-source soundconverter trusty
$ cd soundconverter-2.0.4 && dch -i #document the changes and replace raring with trusty
$ mkdir debian/patches
$ quilt import ../../soundconverter/0001-Missing-plugins-handling-ignore-video-codecs.patch
$ quilt import ../../soundconverter/0002-Apply-patch-from-Michael.-Empty-task-queue-when-abor.patch
$ quilt import ../../soundconverter/0003-Apply-patch-from-Michael-fixing-TypeError-when-calli.patch
$ debuild -S -us -uc
$ cd .. && debdiff *dsc > soundconverter.debdiff

I didn't compile the result neither tested the result, (I ran this on
a remote machine without X).  You could compile the result by running:
$ debuild -us -uc #withouth the -S parameter

I consulted the following sites to get the details (terrible memory):

On 19/02/15 at 11:46pm, Michele Giacomoli wrote:
> Hi developers,
> The package soundconverter (2.0.4-0ubuntu1) in trusty repo has some bugs,
> so the developer created a branch (
> with some highly
> recommended fixes for this version.
>  I filled an SRU request for this (
> I
> managed to build from source and everything seems to work fine, but I would
> need to attach a debdiff to the request, and I feel insecure with packaging
> stuff.
> So I ask you for help, if someone could try to build and generate a
> debdiff, or explain me the procedure to solve this problem, or who can ask
> for this.
> Thank you very much

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