Monday, 23 February 2015

Re: request for some pizzas

> Yes, but then again these donations aren't meant for spontaneous pizza
> purchases, they are for strategic investments in community teams and
> events.

Whatever does "strategic investments" mean? There's certainly nothing
about it on the donations page. Does working to develop the Kubuntu
desktop which we are about to switch to get counted? This sounds a lot
like using buzzwords to justify the needless beurocracy that's being

I use it to apply for money for cloud computing in the same way as I
could when I was a canonical employee. By it's very nature cloud
computing spending can't be planned in advance, the whole point is
spontanious. Why would you want to remove the possibility to be
spontanious? What problem does it solve?

> The fund money was available starting the quarter after the start of
> donations. We don't do real-time accounting, nor were we going to spend
> money that hadn't come in yet. The delay was minimal.
> Also note that these funds were only those marked specifically for
> community use, they did not include donations marked specifically for
> flavor or upstream work.

In October 2012 the website started asking for donations
for flavours ("Better support for flavours like Kubuntu, Xubuntu,

No funding was available until June 2013 when it was quietly renamed
to the more general term "Community projects".

If the funding from October 2012 really isn't included in the current
community fund and it simply has been stolen by Canonical this is
worse than I had thought.


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