Monday, 9 February 2015

Re: Ubuntu Vivid Vervet test rebuilds (all components, all architectures)

Hey Matthias,

Matthias Klose [2015-02-06 14:31 +0100]:
> A test rebuild of Vivid Vervet was started this week for all
> architectures, and is finished for the main component.
> Results can be found at


This looks a bit confusing, though. E. g. the pygobject-2 "→ Log" link
just points back to the same overview page, and the "i386 (F)" link
leads to
which has no build log at all. So while having an indication that a
build failed is already useful, having the actual logs would be very
helpful (and we did have them in the past).

Were they removed because of the other test build that's currently
going on?


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