Monday, 2 February 2015

Re: Update gvfs to 1.20.3

Hey Ross,

Thanks for looking at those issues and sending that email. Indeed we
should upload those bugfix updates as SRUs for the LTS but there is much
to do and sometime we overlook things. Looks like Robert is working on
that update now

Sebastien Bacher

Le 01/02/2015 17:47, Ross Lagerwall a écrit :
> In both Ubuntu 14.04, gvfs is at 1.20.1 and (being one of the upstream
> maintainers), it makes me sad to use it because I've released newer
> stable versions with some useful fixes, particularly related to afp and
> ftp idle timeouts.
> Could it perhaps be updated to the latest stable version? (currently
> 1.20.3)

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