Monday, 16 March 2015

Patch pilot report: 2015-03-16

Hello everybody,

here's what I got through in my shift and in the few days before:

syncpackage -s flexiondotorg -b 1430792 mate-screensaver
syncpackage -s flexiondotorg -b 1430302 mate-user-share
syncpackage -s flexiondotorg -b 1430293 -d experimental libmatekbd
syncpackage -s flexiondotorg -b 1430294 -d experimental marco
syncpackage -s flexiondotorg -b 1430304 mate-utils
syncpackage -s ari-tczew -b 1430174 sunpinyin -f
syncpackage -d experimental -s flexiondotorg -b 1431536 mate-themes
syncpackage -d experimental -s flexiondotorg -b 1431294 mate-session-manager
syncpackage -d experimental -s flexiondotorg -b 1431300 mate-settings-daemon
- uploaded.

New upstream bug fix release of mate-tweak for upload (
Please merge mksh 50e-2 (main) from Debian experimental (main)
New upstream bug fix release of ubuntu-mate-settings for upload
does not honor LC_MESSAGES (
No default setting for "When power is critically low" in Power settings
New ubuntu-mate-settings debdiff to fix Tilda autostart (
- uploaded.

please merge vtk6 from debian (
- closed as other uploads of the same version got in first.

[ffe] Add support for Qt Designer UI files (
- got in touch with release team, Laney to upload to Debian, so we can

- marked as merged.

Have a great day,

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