Monday, 2 March 2015

Ubuntu Touch Vivid stabilization period - kind request/proposition to developers

Hello Ubuntu Developers!

Those of you that follow the developments of Ubuntu Touch probably
already know, but all development teams are working hard on bringing
vivid up to the quality we have in ubuntu-rtm derived-distribution. To
achieve this we have introduced the same QA sign-off rules for vivid CI
Train silos as we had for ubuntu-rtm.

The QA sign-off [1] rules mean that every landing typical for touch
needs to be additionally signed off by the QA team for potential
regressions. It introduces an additional step (also a bottleneck
depending on available QA resources) but increases the quality of each
of our Ubuntu Touch releases, since there is more eyeballs looking at
each landing.

And finally, to our kind request: as proposed by one of the developers:

We would be really happy if normal developers/uploaders that upload
packages that are shared/used in Ubuntu Touch and carry any regression
potential could go through the same QA sign-off process. This can be
done by simply using a CI Train silo for testing and release of the
package - the landing team will then make sure it is signed-off before
hitting the archives.

Of course it's only a request and/or proposition. We know it might be a
bother, but this way we'll be able to avoid some possible touch problems
in vivid, bumping the quality bar even higher. We would greatly
appreciate it. We're also aware of the many CI Train shortcomings, but
it's so far the only tool we have that implements the current processes.

Useful CI Train-related documentation:

- [1]

And links to important parts of the CI Train:


Thank you!

Best regards,

Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak

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