Friday, 3 April 2015

2015-04-03 patch pilot report

Hey there,

I missed my pilot shift on previous wednesday and did catch up today,
summary of what I did (started with 81 items in the queue and it's
currently down to 56, I'm still following up on a few changes)
checked that the bug is fixed in vivid, sponsored SRUs to trusty & utopic
looked at it but didn't find the corresponding upstream tarballs, asked
on the bugs
not for vivid and seems to be handled, unsubscribed sponsors
pinged Ubuntu GNOME team about it
it's already handled through silo landing
wanted to sponsor but don't have commit access to the vcs, pinged people
who have
unsubscribed sponsors
typo fix in a manpage for a package in sync with Debian, asked to send
the change to the BTS
was uploaded, unsubscribing sponsors
reassigned to the correct source, asked some details, unsubscribed
sponsors since the reported asked to not upload before getting upstream
review, sponsors can be subscribed then
sponsored to vivid and utopic
unsubscribed sponsors, the change was invalid

did some pinging of people who know the sources for long waiting merges

Sebastien Bacher

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