Thursday, 23 April 2015

Show and Tell Demos @ UDS

UOS 15.05 is right around the corner! UOS is the Ubuntu Online Summit we
hold each cycle to talk about what's happening in ubuntu. UOS 15.05 will
be on May 5th - May 7th.

I'm writing to encourage everyone to not only attend, but to also
consider presenting a session for the 'Show and Tell' track(1).
Sessions are open to everyone as a platform for sharing interesting and
unique things with the rest of the community. These sessions can be very
short (5 or 10 minutes) and are a great way to share about your work
within ubuntu. This means things like demos, quick talks, and 'show and
tell' type things. It's perfect to spend 5 or 10 minutes talking about
something you made or work on. Or perhaps something you find
interesting. Or just a way to share a little about the team you work
with or a project you've done. For those of you who may have been a part
of the 'lightning talks' during the days of the physical UDS, anything
that would have been considered a lightning talk is more than welcome in
this track. I know you are working on / have just completed work on new
and interesting things; UOS is a great way to showcase that work and
inform others.

Proposing a session(2) is simple to do, and there's even a webpage(3) to
help you! If you need help proposing, feel free to contact myself,
Svetlana Belkin, Marco Ceppi, or Allan Lesage who are your friendly
track leads for this track. Once it's proposed the session will be
assigned a date and time. Myself or another track lead will follow-up
with you before UOS to ensure you are ready and the date and time is
suitable for you.




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