Monday, 18 May 2015

2015-05-18 patch pilot report


I was feeling doing some sponsoring so decided to do my patch pilot
shift today rather than wednesday.

I started with 57 items in the queue and left with 46, here are my notes
review, pinged people who know better about the package
comment with some extra info, waiting for an upstream review before
sponsored fix to vivid and wily
upstream seems to have fixed it differently, commented and rejected the
current change
security issue (CVE), subscribed the security sponsors
unsubscribed sponsors, handled by the security team as a version update
was replaced by another version that got uploaded, marking as rejected
SRU request from an old version of the change, asked details if it
should be updated to reflect what went into vivid
changes are being discussed/seem to require more work, set as work in
progress rather than needs review
the changes have been sponsored, unsubscribing sponsors

Sebastien Bacher

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