Monday, 1 June 2015

Call for assistance: systemd development/maintenance

Hello all,

If you ever have filed a bug against systemd, or are waiting for a new
feature, you might have noticed that responses have been quite slow.
I'm working on systemd about 90% of my time these days, but currently
this is an one-man show in Ubuntu, and about an 1.3 man show in Debian
(me and Michael Biebl, but he doesn't have that much time for it).

I can probably keep up maintaining it like that for a while, but I
consider this quite a bad bus factor for such a central and critical
piece of software. I too sometimes need to go to holidays, or might
fall victim to some sick days :-)

The current tasks ahead are:

* Integrate networkd into the current Debian/Ubuntu plumbing
infrastructure, in particular ifupdown hooks and resolvconf:

* Set up a proper CI for building Debian/Ubuntu packages from
daily upstream trunk and run autopkgtests on them. (See for a
first step towards this)

* Continue the systemd transition of the Ubuntu phone. As the goal is
to move Touch to snappy, the urgency of this has raised from
"target of opportunity" to "really should happen this cycle".

* Finish some remaining regressions from the upstart → systemd switch

* Catch up on and keep up with incoming bugs, work on fixes, etc.

* Investigate, analyze, and optimize boot speed in various scenarios
(I think we are doing okay, but we have spent about zero time on
this so far).

* Anything else which comes to your mind that you may want to work

It's admittedly not the easiest topic/package to get into, but
nevertheless quite rewarding to work with. There's a vibrant upstream
community (651 authors as of today, 55 of which submitted >= 20),
usually fast and thorough patch reviews (although you should be
prepared to go through several rounds -- upstream is picky about
both technical correctness and code beauty, so don't get discouraged
too soon), and great to work towards eradicating a lot of the rather
arbitrary differences between distros which have no technical
advantage and are just legacy cruft.

So please talk to me if you are interested in working on any of this.
I'm happy to provide mentoring, guidance, introduction to upstream,


Martin Pitt |
Ubuntu Developer ( | Debian Developer (