Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Councils' Threshing meeting, Friday 19 June 2015 17:00 UTC, #ubuntu-meeting

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A positive suggestion has been made to hold a public IRC meeting
regarding a number of high-profile occurances which have come to light
during May/June 2015. A time-slot has been suggested[1] as the Ubuntu
Community Council #ubuntu-meeting timeslot for Friday 19 June 2015 at
17:00 UTC.

I would like to see this happen. I will try and be there.

The procedure for drawing up the Community Council agenda recommends
that items are edited/added 24 hours beforehand; to that end I have
scooped up items which I am aware have cropped up on the Ubuntu
Community Council mailing list[2] and in surrounding discussion over
the last few weeks:

As an observer I hope that _all_ *buntu members will do their utmost
to keep discussion factual and on-topic. Please try to be prepared in
advance with straight, factual answers.[2]

-Paul, being overly-proactive in the hope that it helps
individuals associated with *buntu's councils gain the confidence to
openly discuss and also allow the wider *buntu community to gain
insight---sufficient to be in a position to accurately represent the
situations of structure, donations, and licensing to those even less
familiar with Ubuntu than ourselves and whom we collectively seek to
reach in the future.

[1] Hall, Michael (18 June 2015)

[2] "Ubuntu-community-team mailing list -- A place where organisers
(not necessarily developers) in our community discuss upcoming events,
initiatives, get help and hang out."

[3] Vague assertions are not facts and are unlikely to help the
proceedings. Please be prepared to immediately provide a public link
so that other Ubuntu members can follow the discussion and gain their
own context---otherwise please withdrawl such statements to keep the
discussion focused and flowing.

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