Monday, 6 July 2015

Patch pilot report: 2015-07-06


here's what I got through in my patch pilot shift today (and a few other
items in the days before):

syncpackage -b 1463780 -s costamagnagianfranco libserial -f
syncpackage -b 1463981 -s noskcaj libgit2-glib -f
syncpackage -d experimental -b 1463983 -s noskcaj gitg -f
syncpackage -b 1466885 -s costamagnagianfranco pinentry -f
syncpackage -b 1467752 -s logan liburcu -f
Sync synapse (universe) from Debian unstable (main)
syncpackage -b 1471473 -s noskcaj golang-check.v1 -f
syncpackage -b 1471472 -s noskcaj golang-yaml.v2 -f
syncpackage -b 1471471 -s noskcaj gnome-exe-thumbnailer -f
syncpackage -b 1471470 -s noskcaj mininet -f
syncpackage -b 1234009 -s edid-decode -f
syncpackage -b 1471398 -s ari-tczew ust -f
syncpackage -s logan -b 1471374 extra-cmake-modules -f
syncpackage -s noskcaj -b 1470743 gtksourceview3 -f
syncpackage -s noskcaj -b 1471342 gnome-sudoku -f
- synced.

ubuntu-mate-artwork 0.4.9 new nelease [debdiff attached] (
ubuntu-mate-settings 0.4.6 release [debdiff attached] (
Wrong JPEG library version: library is 80, caller expects 62
Ubuntu GNOME only allows regional format setting for US, UK, Canada,
Australia, and NZ (
Update to 3.16 (
please remove gconf dependency by removing
transmission-gtk.gconf-defaults in debian (
please merge inkscape from Debian (
exim4: get in sync with Debian (
- uploaded.

- applied change to current wily and uploaded.

Have a great day,

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