Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Qt 5.5.0 - bug fixing needed


Qt 5.5.0 is testable on wily from
- including the new Qt 3D tech preview. It includes package rebuilds
needed for Ubuntu phones, Unity 8 desktop and Plasma 5 desktop, but I
have only tested the phone so far. On the desktop one would lose Qt
Creator since the old version does not build anymore and our new
version 3.5 git snapshot + Ubuntu plugin isn't ready yet.

I've filed bugs since I started with Qt 5.5.0 alpha in March, and more
now with the final 5.5: (10 bugs already
Fix Released not shown). Feel free to file more bugs, we don't want
regressions on the phone.

There are many bugs to be debugged before considering QA:ing and
landing Qt 5.5, so please help if your or your team's package is found
in the bug list.

There's also the big GCC 5 transition ongoing which must finish first,
and me + (z)Benjamin have Qt Creator 3.5 + Ubuntu plugin brewing which
I'd prefer to land separately first. Let's see if there's any chance
of getting Qt 5.5 in by the feature freeze - which is on August 20th.

Everything you need to know is at or linked from there. Note
especially not to upgrade if there are suspicious packages being
removed by dist-upgrade. Instead, ask me (or if I'm away, sil2100) on
IRC to update the PPA as needed.


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