Friday, 24 July 2015

Re: Python 3.5 transition

Le 23/07/2015 18:48, Steve Langasek a écrit :

Hey Steve,

> So, per Barry's mail, rebuilds were needed. It would have perhaps been
> better for someone to upload python-gi if this was blocking another build,
> rather than working around it. If ubuntu-make is meant to build-depend on
> python3-all, then this change should be reverted now.

Just to note, ubuntu-make didn't need to depend on python3-all, python3
itself was enough, hence this change.
We didn't want to start uploading python-gi as nobody around were sure
that the start of the transition was done one purpose. The last common
understanding from people present at the time was that the transition
would be fully done in the ppa first and things getting fixed there
before pulling the switch in the distro.
> It may be worth noting that ubuntu-make also failed to build in the ppa, for
> reasons unrelated to python-gi:
Looking at that one, seems like python3-mock module is breaking its API
by removing in 3.5 assert_any_calls :/
I'll fix this on my side for next release beside being an non backward
compatible change from python.


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