Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Re: Snappy Open House

On 07/01/2015 10:24 PM, Nicholas Skaggs wrote:
> Introducing Snappy Open Houses! Snappy represents some new and
> exciting possibilities for ubuntu. Open houses are your chance to get
> familiar with the technology, while helping test and break things of
> course! We plan to do an open house before each release as a chance
> for everyone to interact and provide feedback and help with testing.
> *
> What is an open house?*
> An open house is a chance to come and meet the snappy team developers
> and help QA test the new image. We want to encourage the community to
> test with us, explore new features, check for possible regressions and
> exercise the documentation. These events are a great way to get
> started in the snappy world.
> To kick off the event, we'll host a live Q and A on
> with developers and show off new features in the release. We'll also
> demonstrate how to flash and test the new release so the community can
> follow along and help test. Finally we'll answer any questions you
> have, and stick around on IRC for a bit to discuss any issues found
> during testing.
> What do I need to help?
> You and a device capable of running snappy. This could be your desktop
> / laptop, or a beaglebone / raspberry pi or another device. You don't
> need a device to help as you can install snappy on your local machine
> via kvm.
> When is it happening?
> The first Open House will be July 7th at 1400. We'll be live on
> and doing some demos, testing, and a q and a. Please
> stop by and help test with us, try out snappy and meet everyone. The
> event will last about 2 hours.
> You can find out more information on the wiki,
> .
> Mark your calendars and see you next Tuesday!
> Nicholas
And yes, that is 1400 UTC. My apologies for not adding it properly the
first time! See you there!

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