Thursday, 20 August 2015

OpenSSH status

This might be of interest to some people here:

I've just uploaded openssh 1:6.9p1-1 (which includes security patches
backported from 7.0p1) to Debian unstable, and will sync it into wily
later today, just barely in time for feature freeze, so we'll at least
only be on a slightly old version rather than a very old version.

As I indicated in that Debian bug report, one reason I'm lagging behind
on 7.0p1 is that we need to get and upgraded to support new key exchange methods first,
which is non-trivial because they run custom server code based on
Twisted Conch which does not yet support newer KEX types. I think
Ubuntu developers would be especially annoyed if OpenSSH in Ubuntu
couldn't connect to our code hosting in its default configuration! But
I plan to work on the Twisted side of things ASAP.

I suspect at this point 7.0p1 ought to wait for Ubuntu 16.04 rather than
15.10 in any case, which gives us adequate time to sort this out.

Colin Watson []

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